One of the main reasons for the popularity of aluminium curtain walling is its inherent structural strength. This along with its excellent thermal properties makes it ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications. Curtain walling is a non load bearing glazing system which is clad onto a buildings external structure, giving a functional and attractive solution. Good quality curtain walling serves several purposes such as weather protection, noise pollution limitation and insulation.

As well as design flexibility, curtain walling from HTS has advantages such as being:

  • Perfect for low to medium rise applications
  • Suitable for refurbishments or new builds
  • Versatile, with a choice of single or double glazing
  • Framework insulated by thermal barrier in the pressure plate glazing

Opening lights and doors may be incorporated into the grid of curtain walling, with manual or automatic window and door options. Curtain walling allows for the use of dual color combinations, and glazing choices range from 6mm to 28m.

Working with architects and specifiers when designing aluminium curtain walling, We can then produce the curtain walling system which will meet the specifications, creating the required strength and insulation properties.

Curtain walling systems are seen in a wide variety of applications such as shops, offices, schools, hospitals, fast food restaurants, industrial units, supermarkets, retail parks and homes. Many of the new high end, and award winning building designs use curtain walling systems to present a functional yet stunning result.

The dynamic nature of curtain walling systems is undeniable, with their expanse of seamless glass, which may be tailored to suit each particular application

Aluminium curtain walling brings benefits such as, protection from weather conditions, noise limitation and thermal insulation. It can be tailored to each customer’s requirements and specifications, and options include single or double glazing.

As a non structural addition curtain walling is a lightweight glazing solution, which allows deep light into any building. Our curtain walling is skilfully designed to resist water infiltration and other negative environmental and architectural conditions.

Curtain wall systems from HTS are streamlined and unobtrusive, while retaining their strength for a wealth of design possibilities and being adaptable to high traffic areas.