From the ground up, Horizon Technical Services, fabricates and installs wall systems using Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) from different Manufactures. We use these panels to develop free-standing canopies, wall systems, fascias, and walkway covers for a wide variety of applications.

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is a versatile product that not only is functional and durable, it creates a “High Tech” look that is extremely desirable. Panels are truly flat in showing no oil canning vs. typical steel siding materials.
ACM panels are used in applications such as entrance canopies, wall systems, facades, soffits, monument signage, or other architectural elements.

You discover why ACM is the wall panel building material of the future as soon as you fabricate with it. Horizon Technical Services chooses the best ACM for you because it can be curved, bent, routed, drilled, sawed, sheared, punched, trimmed and molded into complex shapes with conventional metalworking tools.
Horizon Technical Services wall panel applications include free-standing canopies, walkway covers, new buildings, existing buildings, and building fascias.

Horizon Technical Services wants to be your sole-source supplier, so we provide installation of the products we sell and fabricate. Providing this service sets us apart from much of our competition who are only interested in supplying materials. Most of our management team began their careers as installers, project managers, or general contractors, and so at Horizon Technical Services we understand a major component of the products we supply is field dimensioning and field installation. Our estimating, design services, and customer service areas were developed based on our knowledge of field installation and understanding the importance of it. While Horizon Technical Services is unable to self-perform all of our work, we have a nationally trained network of subcontract installers as well. No project is too large. At Horizon Technical Services we are committed to your total satisfaction with our products and services from beginning to end.

Horizon Technical Services has been working with aluminum composite materials for the past 11 years. During the first few years this exposure was mainly in the fascia systems for our Petroleum Industry canopy products. Over the past 7-10 years this has expanded to metal wall coverings for auto dealerships, schools and universities, medical centers, restaurants, and retail facilities.